Visa & Invitation Letter Information

Visitors from non-Schengen countries (listed here) must possess a passport valid for at least a three month stay. Participants are advised to locate their respective diplomatic missions or embassy. Czech offices aren’t available in all countries. In case there is no office available in your country of residence, it is necessary to either apply at an embassy representing the CZ (listed here) or to travel to an assigned embassy in another country (listed here). It is not possible to obtain a visa upon arrival to Prague airport. Please note that the visa procedure can take up to one month and the applicant needs to personally attend the interview and applies himself/herself. It is therefore strongly advised to start the application procedure as soon as possible.

The Conference Secretariat provides the invitation letter (if registered and fully paid), however, in several cases, this may be found insufficient by the consulate worker. In such case, official invitation letter by the Czech Foreign Police office is requested. The Conference Secretariat provides the service of contacting the bureau, but additional handling fees apply.

Please note paid registration fee is an indispensable condition for the issuance of the invitation letter.

Additional documents requested for visa application are listed here.

Reimbursement requests caused by visa denial or expatriation of the delegate will be handled on an individual basis.