1. Urban Hydrologic Processes

Urban rainfall
Evapotranspiration, infiltration, runoff formation and transport
Climate change impacts
Sources, accumulation, wash-off and transport of pollutants
Special conditions in hot and cold climates

2. Transport and Sewer Processes

Hydraulics of urban drainage networks and structures
Sewer infiltration and exfiltration
Sediment characteristics and transport
Pollutants transport and transformation
Combined sewer overflows

3. Drainage Impacts

Urban floods, flood risks and damages
Receiving environment impacts
Priority substances
Aquatic habitat issues

4. Sustainable Drainage and Impact Mitigation

Storm water controls and BMPs, LID, SUDS and WSUD
Rainwater harvesting and use
Urban stream restoration
Urban drainage retrofits
Innovative urban drainage systems
Advanced stormwater and CSO treatment
Technologies for developing countries
Technologies for countries with hot or cold climate

5. Tools, Techniques and Analysis

Data availability, reliability and uncertainty
Instrumentation, measurement and monitoring
Modelling of integrated urban water systems and their components
Forecasting and Real time control
Model and parameter identification, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
Artificial intelligence based methods applied to urban drainage systems
Decision support systems

6. Water Management and Society

Urban drainage and urban planning
Integrated urban water management
Socio-economic interactions, public participation and stakeholders involvement
Institutional arrangements and policies
Benchmarking, performance indicators and asset management
Global change adaptation
Urban drainage in developing countries
Education, training, technology sharing and international cooperation

SS. Special Sessions

SS 1 - Green infrastructure for diffuse pollution management and restoration of water circulation in urban landscape
SS 2 - Flood modelling, impact assessment and resilience strategies for future cities
SS 3 - Metrology, experimentation and hypothesis testing in urban drainage
SS 4 - Water 4.0 for the international urban drainage sector - solutions for the digitalization of the urban drainage sector
SS 5 - Hygienically relevant microorganisms: pathways from sewer systems into surface waters and treatment techniques
SS 6 - Sponge Cities: conceptual development, quantitative assessment and practical application
SS 7 - Integrated modelling for evaluation of strategies for improving receiving water ecological quality
SS 8 - Models in real time control applications
SS 9 - Gas odour from sewers
SS 10 - Realising Water Sensitive Cities: Processes and tools to enable the adoption of innovation
SS 11 - Modelling permeable pavements: hydrologic and water quality aspects