Restaurants, Bars and Pubs Tips from LOC

We have a lot of great restaurants, pubs and bars around Prague, but on the other side there is also a lot of rubbish. How to choose a good restaurant with an affordable price? Check before you enter one. Another advice is in the city centre at touristic places be aware of big signs as – “Czech traditional food/kitchen” and similar. Most probably it will be expensive and of poor quality.

Where to find reviews and rankings? Use Czech culinary portal “Grand Restaurant”. Most of comments are in Czech, but at least you can find English description, rating and price level.” Or check also with Google, Tripadvisor or Foursquare.

Beer Pubs for Locals in the City Centre

Such places are disappearing slowly, but still you can find some of them in the city centre. Be prepared for everything – morose waiters, Czech menu only, but usually EXCELLENT beer with a good price. What many of us are missing in such pubs today is the tobacco smog. Try to say „Dobry den“ when entering the pub. Your chances will be higher.

  • U Cerneho vola
  • U Hrocha
  • U Kocoura
  • U Rudolfina
  • U Jelinku
  • U dvou kocek
  • U Zlateho tygra
  • U rotundy

Beer bars – new trend in Prague with number of local beers on tap. Try:

  • Kulovy blesk (close to PCC)
  • Diego
  • Bad Flash
  • Zlý časy (close to PCC) etc.

Last tip – try the wild Zikov district

  • U Vystrelenyho voka
  • U sadu
  • or Borivojova street with many pubs.

Beer is a part of our culture. Today we have many breweries around Prague and Czech Republic. For a useful app with all breweries and their ratings.
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Czech Cuisine in Pubs
This is our nightmare, but be sure we would never go to have Czech food at touristic places. High prices – questionable quality. Some suggestions:

  • City centre – Lokal pubs from Ambiente group, U Rudolfina, U Medvidku, Mincovna, Pubs from Plzensky Prazdroj group (they are ok, but …)
  • Vinohrady – Vinohradsky Parliament, Vinohradsky pivovar, U Bulinu
  • Dejvice – U Veverek, U Petnika, U Topolu
  • Karlin – Lokal Hamburk, U Tunelu

High quality and modern Czech cuisine

  • Cafe Imperial, Notabene, Cafe Savoy, Cestr
  • Michellin restaurants - La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise (ask Peter Steen Mikkelsen, DTU), Field


When you open up the menu at a typical Czech pub or restaurant you should look for the word Bezmasa. This is the vegetarian section of the menu. Czech cuisine is notoriously unaccepting of the choice to not eat meat, but a few vegetarian dishes actually do exist. Most are quite delicious and usually kind of unhealthy. In many cases a plate of smažené (fried) broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower or different cheeses will be considered a meal for vegetarians, usually accompanied by some boiled – or fried – potatoes and tartar sauce. This type of dish is actually much better than it sounds, unless, of course, it already sounds phenomenal.
However, if you’re looking to avoid any and all uncertainties, there are a number of completely vegetarian restaurants lurking around. Many are fairly easy to find on the Internet.

  • Lehká hlava (vegetarian),
  • Maitrea (vegetarian)
  • Dhaba Beas (vegetarian)
  • Plevel (vegan)
  • Moment café (vegan)

International Cuisine

There is wide range to choose from. It’s hard to recommend, but we will try.

  • Italian – those are mostly related to Italians living in Prague. Good quality, not cheap, but definitely cheaper than in Copenhagen. La Finestra, La Veranda, Aromi, Pasta Fresca, Ichnusa Botega, Da Clara, Alforno Focacceria, Oliva. Many good pizzerias with wooden ovens.
  • Mexican – try some with Mexican owners Las Adelitas, La Casa Blue, Cantina
  • Asian – Modry zub (Thai), Kobe (Japan), YamYam (different Asian styles), many Vietnamese Pho bistros
  • Spain/Mediterranean – tapas bars Miro, Kofein, Zdenek's Oyster Bar
  • Greek - Olympos
  • Brazil - if you are ready for opulent dinner go to Brasileiro, this is excellent.


You can find nice cocktail bars, wine bars and there are many bistros and burger bars
For these go to Vinohrady (Dish burger, Martin Bistro, Murphys kitchen, Sweet and pepper days etc.), Karlin or Vrsovice around Krymska street.
Bars – Chilli bar, Public Interest, Drunken Monkey, Postel, bars along Dlouha street. This is in the city centre.


During the last couple of years there is an explosion of cafeterias of many styles. First, some classical Prague coffees:
Slavia, Cafe Savoy, Cafe Louvre, Cafe Imperial
Then you can find many trendy coffees often at Vinohrady – Pražírna, La Boheme Cafe, Coffee Room, I need Coffee, Karlin – Muj salek kavy, Cafe Frida or Smichov – Cafe in Seventh Heaven, Cafe Lounge


Czechs usually offers poor ice-cream, but there are exceptions and in Prague live many foreigners from Italy or Balkan countries they help to change it. Forget the industrial ice-creams, following suggestions are handmade.
Crème de la Crème (oh, Czech made), Angelato (the best from Serbians), Puro Gelato (Italien), Zmrzlinar (Czech family), Ovocny Svetozor (Excellent fruit sorbets).

Do not forget to go to a real Czech bakery to buy „buchta“, „koláč“, or „štrúdl“.