Online Programme

How to use the Online Searchable Programme App

The online programme app allows you to use different views and filters to get easily oriented in sessions and lectures you are interested in. The guidelines below can help you understand all the functions.


In general, there are 2 views available - Schedule (grid) and List view.

  Schedule View

Schedule view shows all the sessions in all meeting rooms per day. Select the day in the top left corner (use arrows to navigate left right or select the day from the calendar.
Select the view type in the top left corner.

Day View
Showing the meeting rooms on horizontal axis and time on the vertical axis. Session codes are shown to include all sessions on one screen (click here to see the list of codes). Hover mouse over the session block to see full session title.

Click the session block to see full session details including presentations and speakers.

Timeline View
Showing the timeline on horizontal axis and meeting rooms on the vertical axis. Full session titles are shown.

Click the session block to see full session details including presentations and speakers.

Agenda View
Listing all sessions per meeting room, day and time in list view. Full session titles are shown.

Click the session title to see full session details including presentations and speakers.

The session types are differentiated by colours.​
Click the Legend button on the right border to show/hide the colours linked to session types.

Session List View

Session list view shows all the sessions per time and day.
Select the day(s) and time (from-to) to display.

Filters & Search

There are 2 filters & search areas available - Sessions and Abstracts based.

Filters are applied throughout the whole system.
If no session type(s) selected, the filter will not apply, this showing ALL sessions.

General Guide

Apply Filter(s)
Applicable for all filter & search types. When you select your desired filters (see guide below), click the "Apply Filters" button and select view to apply.

Clear All Filters
Click the "Clear filters" button do remove all applied filter

Sessions Filter & Search

Click the crater icon in the left menu or top right corner.
The session filtering options will open:

Filter by Session types
Select which session type(s) to show by sliding the trigger left to right.
Active session trigger turns green and the selected session type(s) are highlighted with a glowing green dot too.​​

Search by Word(s) in Session Titles
Type in the words included in session title(s) to list only appropriate sessions.

Abstracts Filter & Search

Other keywords
Full text search for keywords filled in by the abstract authors

Author's Surname
Type in the author's surname to search among abstracts.

Word(s) in the Abstract Title / Text
Full text search in abstracts title and body.

Applied Filter Status

The icon in the top right corner is showing current filter status.
The number in the green circle indicates amount of positive results within the currently applied filter.

Click the icon to open / edit your filters.​

PDF Export

An export to PDF is available throughout the programme application.

Click the button (the top left corner of each programme view) and the PDF with the current view will be exported.

All the links remain active - click the session in PDF to go online and see the session content.

Disclaimer: Please note the programme is subjected to changes as it is still under construction. Organisers do not hold the responsibility for any claims arisen due to possible further programme changes.