Call for Abstracts

We are pleased to invite you to submit extended abstracts to ICUD 2017 - the most recognizable event in the field of urban drainage addressing challenges of sustainable urban water management in a changing climate.

Submission Procedure

The ICUD2017 submission procedure is differs from those used in previous ICUD events, and offers two advantages: (a) A shortened submission period (allowing authors to include the latest findings of their research) and (b) allows the authors to publish their work in scientific journals of their liking without any copyright conflicts. Thus, only extended abstracts (2 pages of text + 1 page of Figs, Tabs etc.) are to be submitted. Participants can submit abstracts to either regular or special conference sessions.

The Poul Harremoës Award

This award is given for the presentation of novel and ideally, provocative ideas, relating to developments in urban drainage, by young authors (up to 35 years of age), who are the first paper authors and will indicate their interest to enter this competition. Authors of highly rated extended abstracts will be asked to submit full papers for further evaluation by the PHA scientific committee, which will select the best three contributions to be presented in the Plenary Session. The Committee will then choose the winner from these presentations.

Presentation Types

The ICUD conference facilitates presentation of scientific results in the form of oral presentations (15 minutes) or poster presentations (display of a poster + 3 minutes of a flash presentation + collective discussion).


  • Abstract Submission deadline is March 1, 2017

  • On-line Registration to be open by May 1. 2017.

  • Abstract Submission open NOW!
    We are pleased to invite you to submit extended abstract for ICUD 2017.