Achievement Awards

Mid-Career Achievement and Career Achievement Awards

Every three years, the Joint Committee on Urban Drainage (JCUD) recognizes outstanding achievements of professionals in our field by bestowing two career achievement awards: One for ‘Mid-Career Achievement’ (awarded to someone who is part-way through their career and showing important leadership; typically, these nominees will be less than 50 years old) and the other for ‘Career Achievement’ (awarded to a senior member of our urban drainage community). 

The same basic criteria are used for both awards; the key criterion is that the candidate’s contribution in the urban drainage field is internationally recognized and may result from any of the following attributes:

  1. Important and influential research findings, including publications in peer-reviewed journals,
  2. Training of graduate students and young professionalsgraduate students and young professionals,
  3. Innovative and formative practice in the field, and promotion of such practices,
  4. Education/dissemination/promotion of innovative ideas through conference and workshop presentations, and/or publication of widely used books and reports/guidelines,
  5. Sustained contributions to the urban drainage field through such activities as conference organization, document (paper) reviews, editorial services rendered to journals, and working group leadership, and
  6. Any combination of the above. 

Winners of ‘Mid-Career Achievement Award’: Manfred Schuetze, ifak, Germany (2011), Peter Steen Mikkelsen, DTU, Denmark (2014),
Winners of ‘Career Achievement Award’: Bernard Chocat, INSA de Lyon, France (2011), Richard Ashley, University of Sheffield, UK (2014)

  Call for nominations open till April 30th, 2017 (for details see attached document).

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